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Following the announcement of the Prime Minister’s road map for returning to normal, we are expecting our lesson programme at DS Gym & Pool to resume on Monday 12th April 2021.

We currently have a very small number of spaces available for new customers!

If you are looking to join our swimming lesson, please email [email protected] to register your interest today, as we will have a very limited number of spaces available for new customers!

Scroll Down to view our Covid Guidance & FAQs or click here to view our returning to lessons video.  

We are also hoping to resume our Ashfield lessons later in 2021 – please watch this space for more information nearer the time.

Why choose DS Swim Academy?


We offer high quality lessons taught by experienced ASA Qualified teachers, led by DS Swim’s internationally renowned, ASA Level 4 Qualified founder, Dave Sankey. We operate small class sizes as a rule, with a maximum of 6 swimmers per group.

Lessons currently run Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays at DS Gym and Pool, Mount St Mary’s College in Spinkhill, North Derbyshire, and on Saturdays at Ashfield School in Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire.


How to Find Us



Mount St. Mary’s College,
College Rd, Spinkhill, Sheffield
S21 3YL


Ashfield School
Sutton Road
Kirkby in Ashfield


Ashfield School Facilities

If you would like to arrange a visit and a free trial of the Academy, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What Our Customers Think

I am very pleased with the quality of swimming instruction my child is receiving and the progress through the various badges and certificates
he is making! Thank you.


The standard of the lessons is high and both teachers have always been approachable when I’ve felt the need to discuss anything at all.


The development in my child is phenomenal. From my child being frightened of the water to loving her lessons and being able to swim in all strokes, is fantastic. Thank you Dave and Paula!


Enquire about DS Swim Academy


Got a question about our Swim Academy, or want to try out a lesson?

Fill in the form below to contact us, or call us on 07380304418 to find out more.

Covid-19 Guidance

When will lessons with DS Swim restart?

We are reopening our centre in Spinkhill on 25th July 2020. One to one lessons with Dave & Ian will resume on the 25th, with group lessons restarting on Monday 27th July. All customers should have received a message confirming their lesson time for the next 5 week block – if you have not yet received this please email [email protected] as soon as possible.

Is it safe to come to lessons at DS Gym & Pool?

The health and wellbeing of our customers and employees is our top priority. We are following government guidelines in order to make your visit feel as comfortable as possible and provide a safe but enjoyable visit.

  • Though we are excited to take this next step in reopening, the health and safety of our customers and staff remains our number one priority. Therefore, we ask that all customers adhere to our Terms & Conditions:
  • • If you are displaying COVID-19 symptoms you must not make a booking or come into the centre.
  • • If you have been in contact with anyone displaying COVID-19 symptoms in the last 14 days, you must not make a booking or enter the centre
  • • Please note that there is limited access to toilet and changing facilities (view our returning to the pool video for full details) 
  • • Staff will be carrying out a thorough sanitisation process between each facility use 
  • • Please observe social distancing rules with our staff and other customers.
  • • If staff suspect that you are infringing current government regulations, you will be refused entry.

What safety measures have been put into place?

In light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we are putting a number of safety measures in place which will allow us to provide a safe environment for our employees and guests. This includes implementing measures such as social distancing, hand sanitising stations, providing staff with Covid-19 specific training and more. For at least the first 5 weeks, we have implemented a 15 minute gap between all group lessons, and have also introduced individual “changing zones” to ensure that people maintain social distance in changing areas.

How will social distancing be enforced?

All employee and customer areas will be arranged and managed so as to promote and maintain social distancing within our leisure centre. A one-way system will be in effect and a limited amount of people in one area at any time.

What will happen when I arrive for my lesson?

Everyone arriving at DS Gym and Pool must give their details at reception, so that they can be contacted by the government’s “Track and Trace” team in the event of a Covid outbreak. It is essential that no one enters DS Gym & Pool if they have exhibited any Covid-19 symptoms. Once arriving, swimmers will turn left and travel along our one way system through to the poolside. Swimmers must arrive “beach ready” (with their costume on under their clothes). Please do not enter DS Gym and Pool more than 5 minutes before your scheduled lesson start time. When arriving on poolside you will be directed to your viewing seat by our staff, where swimmers should change for their lesson. Swimmers will then start their lesson from a designated spot marked on poolside 2m apart from the next nearest swimmers.

Will the lesson itself be any different for the children?

Our team have worked hard to minimise the changes to our lesson format, but a few changes have been necessary to meet ensure that lessons are Covid-secure:

  • Children swimming widths will be expected to remain 2m apart when waiting on the wall to swim across. 
  • Equipment will not be shared during lessons. Children are expected to bring their own kick board and, where appropriate, pool noodle, to their lesson. Any equipment provided by DS Swim, such as armbands, will be thoroughly cleaned between each class.

Note that most lessons will be taught from the poolside, in line with Swim England and Swimming Teachers Association Guidance that lessons be taught from the poolside whenever possible. However to ensure swimmer safety, we will continue to teach our beginners classes from the water, with teachers wearing a face shied and maintaining social distance at all times (except for in an emergency situation). 

What will happen after the lesson?

We have made a number of changes to our changing areas:

  • All showers and lockers will be out of use to minimise points of contact.
  • The 2 female changing areas will be renamed to changing rooms 1 and 2, with each split into 4 changing zones.
  • The sports hall will be converted into a changing area with 9 changing zones. When the sports hall is unavailable, the former male team changing room will be used at Changing Room 3. This is due to the old male changing rooms now being used as an entrance corridor.
  • During most group lessons girls will be allocated a zone in either Changing Room 1 or 2, with boys allocated a zone in the hall. During smaller classes or one to one lessons, we may choose to allocate boys a space in one of the numbered changing rooms, and girls in the other. DS Swim staff will allocate changing zones at the end of each lesson.

I’ve heard there’s a new online booking system, how does it work?

We have developed a new booking system for our one to one sessions with Dave and Ian. Current DS Swim customers can book online at https://dsswim.simplybook.it/ We will be adding Jake and Paula’s lessons to the system over the coming weeks.

New customers should still enter their personal details at http://dsswimacademy.com/sign-up/ (Spinkhill) or http://dsswimacademy.com/splashdance/ (Ashfield).

Can parents still watch?

Yes. And as always, we strongly encourage you to do so! You are an extra spotter on poolside, making our lessons even safer, please we the children love their parents and grandparents seeing the amazing progress they are making! 

However, we are limiting viewing to one adult per swimmer. A maximum of 1 additional child may also attend with the adult, but only if they are able to sit on the lap of the attending adult for the duration of the lesson.

Do I need to wear a face mask at DS Gym & Pool?

At the time of writing, government guidance does not stipulate that face masks must be worn in gyms, however the Swimming Teachers’ Association (STA) guidance stipulates that “those not taking part in swimming activities (whilst attending swimming lessons) , i.e. parent / guardian spectators, should wear a face covering whilst in the facility”. We therefore ask that all parents and guardians attending swimming lessons please wear a face covering whilst at DS Gym & Pool. 

Last updated 18th August 2020

Please note that government guidance is frequently updated, please ensure you check the latest guidance before attending lessons.



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Mob: 07380304418