Term Dates

Holiday dates in 2022-23 are as follows: 

May Half Term 2023 No Lessons Saturday 27th May to Friday 2nd June 2023.
Summer 2023 No Lessons Sunday 20th August to Sunday 3rd September 2023.
(Note – there is a lesson at Highfield Hall on the 20th August, which replaces the lesson which was cancelled earlier this term, but both Woodhouse & Worksop are on summer break).
October Half Term 2023 No Lessons Monday 23rd October to Sunday 29th October 2023.
Christmas 2023 No Lessons Saturday 23rd December 2023 to Friday 5th January 2024.
February Half Term 2024 No Lessons Monday 12th February to Sunday 18th February 2024.
Easter 2024 No Lessons Friday 29th March to Thursday 11th April 2024.
May Half Term 2024 No Lessons Saturday 25th May to Friday 31st May 2024.
Summer 2024 No Lessons Sunday 18th August to Sunday 1st September 2024.
October Half Term 2024 No Lessons Saturday 26th October to Friday 1st November 2024.
Christmas 2024 No Lessons Saturday 21st December 2024 to Friday 3rd January 2025.
February Half Term 2025 No Lessons Saturday 15th February to Friday 21st February 2025.
Easter 2025 No Lessons Tuesday 8th April to Monday 21st April  2025 (Please note these dates differ slightly from Sheffield school holiday dates).
May Half Term 2025 No Lessons Saturday 24th May to Friday 30th May 2025.
Summer 2025 No Lessons Sunday 17th August to Sunday 31st August 2025.

Group lessons run for 42 weeks per year. Fees are charged in 12 equal monthly payments, meaning you will pay the same monthly fee whether you have 2, 3, 4 or 5 lessons during that month, as this balances out over the year.

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