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Dave Sankey started DS Swim in 2006 after a trip to California where he worked with some of the world’s top swimming experts. DS Swim initially focused on providing one to one support to competitive swimmers, but we added our Spinkhill Learn to Swim Academy in North Derbyshire (previously called “The Elite Swimming Academy”) in January 2015, and our Ashfield Learn to Swim Academy in Nottinghamshire (previously called “Splash Dance Swimming Academy” in January 2020. We only employ experienced teachers who have all been mentored by Dave to teach the “DS Swim way”, and limit all group lessons to a maximum of 6 children per class, as we believe every child deserves the best teaching possible.

Despite our commitment to offering world class swimming lessons, we are committed to keeping our prices low, as we believe no one should be excluded from learning to swim properly because of the cost of lessons!

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